The following themes to organize workshops are proposed:
  • Knowledge base of nanomaterials produced by SbD approaches
  • Training for decision makers
  • Applied training for industry, research, suppliers & regulatory bodies
  • Safe-by-Design concept – theories & applications
Organized Workshops
Green Nanochemistry – application of the safe by design principle for obtaining new nanomaterials


  • Safe by design principle (V. Ostafe)
  • A computational approach of the concept of safe by design. Application for chitin and chitosan oligomers (A. Isvoran)
  • The exposure effect of organisms to nanoparticles and nanomaterials: genetic and epigenetic modifications (G. Menghiu)
  • Ecotoxicity of nanomaterials in the aquatic and terrestrial environments (B. Boros)
  • Computational assessment of ADME-Tox profiles of some polylactic acid oligomers (M.Roman)
  • Ecotoxicology test at enzymatic level. Chromatography and spectrophotometer analysis for invertase, sulphatase and acid phosphatase (B. Vulpe)
  • Safety assessment of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) small oligomers (D. Roman)
  • Environmental impact of nanoparticles: effect on soil and water microorganisms (A. Matica)
  • Orthogonal photochemistry-electrochemistry with molecular machines (M. Putz)